Better Careers for Better Care: First Grants Agreed

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Blog July 2024
Better Careers for Better Care: First Grants Agreed

Better Careers for Better Care: First Grants Agreed

In this blog, our Programme Development Lead for Better Careers for Better Care, Holly, shares details of four grants agreed at our June Board.

As part of our new strategic and collaborative grant-making programme into adult social care, we are very excited to share news of four grants agreed at our June Board. The four proposals were submitted in response to an open call between November 2023 and January 2024, and will now join North London Councils as grantee organisations of our Better Careers for Better Care programme:

Three more proposals will come to the September Board, completing allocation of the full £2 million designated fund.

Taking a collaborative approach to developing the grant proposals has both increased our understanding of the work and the complexities of the adult social care sector. The process has also helped us to build strong relationships with project leads which will enable learning to be captured and shared for the benefit of the sector and the Foundation’s future grant-making.

If you would like to remain updated on programme news, upcoming events, and future funding opportunities, please email me –

Integrated Neighbourhood Care - Leeds

Grant agreed: £400,000 over three years (July 2024-June 2027)

Two strong EOIs were received from Leeds, one from the City Council to support the development of outcomes-focused homecare and the other from the Health and Care Academy focused on strengthening the workforce infrastructure for small providers. As the bids named each other as partners, we asked for a combined proposal bringing together the two programmes with a maximum budget of £400,000.

The combined proposal will strengthen the outcomes-focused homecare service through co-production of roles and additional development capacity for providers to establish and supervise delegation of clinical healthcare tasks to care workers. It will also strengthen the wider team around the person through rotational apprenticeships and preceptorships in care settings and system leadership opportunities provided by the Academy.

We are delighted to be partnered with Leeds as they develop a new model of homecare accompanied by new commissioning and procurement processes, that has the potential for scaling across the country. The model includes paying staff for the full shift and sharing the contract with the community nursing team to develop delegated healthcare.  Many other Local Authorities and community health services are watching with interest to see how this improves the experience of people drawing on care and support.

In line with the Foundation’s belief that collaboration is fundamental to tackling the systemic challenges to workforce development, we believe coming alongside an area and proposal with collaboration as its modus operandi maximises the potential for our funding to contribute to transformational change in adult social care.

Enhanced Roles in Social Care – North East London

£300,000 over 28 months (July 2024-October 2026)

Care City Innovation CIC and the Barking, Havering, and Redbridge Community Education Provider Network (BHR CEPN) are leading a partnership across North East London (NEL) alongside the NEL Integrated Care Board (NEL ICB), the seven NEL ‘places’[1], social care providers coordinated by NEL Care Association Care Providers Voice, and community NHS trusts North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) and East London Foundation Trust (ELFT). The proposal will develop and deliver enhanced roles in social care, both Trainee Nurse Associates and Allied Health Professional Assistant Practitioners. The programme will both create apprenticeship opportunities for existing care staff and fund the enhanced integrated roles.   

The work is based on learning from a pilot and aims to tackle barriers identified in the pilot period.  These were a lack of agreed-upon governance structures needed to facilitate cross-organisational delegation and supervision (during the pilot these arrangements were established on a case-by-case basis) and a lack of adapted commissioning models to create and support enhanced roles within the care setting for those who have completed the apprenticeships. Funding from the Foundation combined with partner contributions will be used to develop a sustainable system of training, governance, and funding to deliver career and development opportunities within the care sector, support integration and improve the experience of people drawing on care.

The proposal is based on existing collaborative relationships between health and social care providers and commissioners and takes a considered and explorative approach to problem solving, drawing on national and local good practice. By putting health and care integration into practice, the project hopes to establish something tangible to commission into the future.

Care Worker Champion Project – National

Grant agreed: £200,000 over 26 months (August 2024-September 2026)

Throughout our consultation, we heard that there is a lack of representation of the care worker perspective in strategic, decision-making spaces. However, there is an appetite to hear and learn from care workers and to build collaborative solutions to workforce development challenges. The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) is at the forefront of discussions with governmental and sector leaders, and through its advocacy arm works to amplify the voices of care workers and champion their cause. CWC is invited to represent the care worker perspective at government roundtables, academic centres, and policy forums, but does not currently have the capacity to respond to all requests and cannot hope to represent the myriad experiences of care workers across the UK, a workforce that is as diverse as the UK population itself.

With our funding, CWC will develop an Advisory Board made up of 20 care workers as well as recruit 30-40 Care Worker Champions. The Advisors and Champions will receive training in public speaking, media engagement and access to research and other opportunities. CWC will establish a network of Advisors and Champions that will enable care workers to share regional insights, foster collaboration and learn from each other's experiences. Care workers will be supported to share their stories and insights, enhance their skills and visibility and participate in strategy, decision-making and policy arenas.

By building a diverse group of trained and supported Advisors and Champions, CWC will amplify the voice of care workers and support their contribution to collaborative practice and policy solutions. In April, CWC held a roundtable discussion with 10 care workers to start thinking about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of an Advisory Board and Champion network, providing insight into possible areas of focus for the Advisors and Champions. Job security, sick pay, emotional wellbeing, bereavement support, and training and development opportunities were all highlighted as issues that need attention and solutions built with care workers.

Changing the story of adult social care - National

Grant agreed: £116,500 over three years (July 2024-June 2027)

Acknowledging adult social care is at ‘crisis point’, ADASS (The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) commissioned an independent report. Time to Act: A Roadmap for transforming adult social care in England was published in April 2023 and identified 10 key issues including the need to build sustained cross-party, political backing for the long-term transformation of adult social care. ADASS developed this finding into a communications and influencing plan which was approved by its trustees in November 2023. It focused on changing the narrative and public perception of social care as the way to achieve political commitment.

ADASS is now working in partnership with the Local Government Association (LGA), #SocialCareFuture and Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) to build an allied social care movement. Part of this includes a programme to train and support the social care leaders that make up its membership, resourcing them to become long-term ambassadors and movement builders for the sector. ADASS will focus on developing and delivering training to social care leaders within local authorities and offer resources to partners to train their members including the LGA, #SocialCareFuture and TLAP.

We believe that in combination with the Care Worker Champion project detailed above, this work could significantly alter the way care workers are seen, valued, and included in workforce development strategy and decision-making. It will also remind them of the valuable role they are playing daily, offer hope that change is possible and boost morale.

Social Care Workforce Programme – North Central London

Grant agreed: £340,000 over two years (August 2023-August 2025)

Our first ‘pilot’ grant was to the North London Councils in June 2023 in support of their Social Care Workforce Programme. The Programme includes workstreams focused on recruitment, progression and skills development, and wellbeing. The Foundation has funded two elements of the broader programme. The first is a Leadership and Integration programme to develop social care leaders with the confidence, skills, and relationships to participate in the Integrated Care Board. The programme is being delivered by My Home Life England and the Foundation hopes that this will enable and empower the voice of social care within strategic, decision-making spaces. The second is contributing to the development of a co-designed Apprenticeship Programme. The Foundation’s funding will support providers to release their staff to participate in apprenticeship programmes by funding the organisational costs of hosting apprenticeships. Providers had identified this as a barrier to taking up existing apprenticeship opportunities and the Foundation’s funding will test this theory.  


[1] NEL operates as seven ‘places’ with City of London and Hackney combining to become City & Hackney.