Our Mission

Building bridges that connect people and communities


We look for creative ways of tackling entrenched social issues through the arts, health and wellbeing. We support projects that can be replicated and led by people with vision. We particularly welcome applications addressing our areas of special interest, within our broader criteria.

Young People's Mental Health

Arts as a Tool to Achieve Social Change

Improved Quality of Life for Carers and for Older People


The Rayne Foundation was endowed in 1962 by Lord Rayne, who chaired or was on the board of numerous arts, education, medical and social welfare organisations. These included The National Theatre, London Festival Ballet Trust, The South Bank Board, RADA, St Thomas' Hospital, Guys Hospital and King's College Hospital. In 1965, Lord Rayne founded The Rayne Trust to increase coexistence and to reduce conflict and exclusion. He created a property and investment business in the 1950s which evolved into London Merchant Securities plc and which he chaired until 2000.