Monitoring and Requirements

Current grant holders (Israel)
The Rayne Trust favours organisations whose services are equally accessible by all.

Monitoring and Requirements

We ask all the organisations we fund to provide us with a monitoring report. As well as telling us what the grant helped you to achieve, this is also an opportunity for us to learn about the issues you may be facing. Please be as frank as possible, even if everything did not go to plan, so that we can improve our own grant making.

Monitoring reports are due on the dates set out in your grant offer letter. If we have made a grant over more than one year, we cannot make any further payments until we have received a satisfactory monitoring report and all the financial information we ask for. If you have a query about these dates or the information required, please email Nurit Gordon, Manager of The Rayne Trust in Israel at


Your grant offer sets out the anticipated outcomes, standard terms and conditions, and proposed monitoring and payment schedule. Please read this document very carefully. It should be signed by your Chief Executive and returned within one month of receipt.

If we have misunderstood your anticipated outcomes, or if you wish to propose changes to the monitoring and payment schedule, please mark these up on the form and return it to us.

If our grant to you is less than you requested, we will allow you plenty of time to find alternative funding. You should still return the form to us within one month but note this on the form along with a date when we can expect to hear from you with an update. We do not set time-limits on when the grant should be spent but ask that you keep us fully informed.