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This a list of recent grants awarded by The Rayne Foundation.

Awarded grants

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The Rayne Foundation is committed to transparency so, in addition to publishing details of our grants on our website, we work with 360Giving to make data about our grant-making freely accessible. Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants since 2014 are available as excel spreadsheet here.

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Applicant Project details Amount Area of Special Interest Geographical area Year awarded
Leeds Community Foundation Towards homelessness in Leeds and Bradford £20,000
Other - social Yorkshire & The Humber 2018
St Ann’s Hospice Towards a Homeless Palliative Care Service to deliver support to homeless people living with terminal illness. £20,000
Other - health North West 2021
Spread the Word Towards a poetry, volunteering and skills-building programme that aims to reach out to some of London’s most disadvantaged young people £20,000
Over 2 Years
Arts as a tool to achieve social change London 2017
Oxford Parent Infant Project Towards a further year's funding of OXPIP's Parent-Infant Therapy SAPlings Groups in Banbury and Oxford. £20,000
Other - health South East 2020
Glasgow City Mission Towards Glasgow Winter Night Shelters – Jan-Mar 2019 £20,000
Other - social Scotland 2018
The Carers' Support Centre Towards CSC's work to identify more young carers and improve the support available to them in 12 more schools, with a particular emphasis on transition from primary to secondary school. £20,000
Over 2 Years
Other - social South West 2015
Football Beyond Borders Towards the salary costs of a Counsellor who can provide a specialist intervention for participants of its core schools programme who require additional therapeutic support. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Young People's Improved Mental Health London 2019
Spurgeons Children's Charity Towards an extension grant to contribute to the running costs of the BeLeave service. £20,000
Other - social East Midlands 2021
North East Autism Society Towards the development of an app to support people with autism to manage challenges around employment. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - social North East 2016
British Refugee Council Towards therapeutic support for unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees to improve their emotional wellbeing and help their integration into the UK. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Young People's Improved Mental Health UK-wide 2021
Literature Works Towards a rolling programme of activity which places specially trained practicing poets into community settings for dementia. £20,000
Over 2 Years
Improved quality of life for carers and for older people South West 2017
School-Home Support Services (UK) Towards the salary of the Parental Engagement Co-ordinator £20,000
Other - education England 2020
The Talent Foundry Trust Towards a series of targeted pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programmes for disadvantaged young people in the aftermath of the Covid-19. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - education UK-wide 2021
Alive Activities Limited Towards core costs while Alive seeks to consolidate its digital expansion £20,000
Over 1 Year
Improved quality of life for carers and for older people South West 2021
China Plate Theatre Ltd Towars a 1-year creative healthcare programme aiming to improve healthcare worker wellbeing and develop self and workplace compassion during and post the pandemic. £20,000
Arts as a tool to achieve social change West Midlands 2021
Refugee Action Towards funding charities supporting people in the immigration and asylum system during the Covid-19 pandemic. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - social UK-wide 2020
Suffolk Artlink Towards artists using laughter and creativity to improve the quality of life for people with dementia in hospital. £20,000
Over 2 Years
Improved quality of life for carers and for older people East of England 2017
SafeLives Towards dedicated research about young people using harm in their intimate and peer relationships. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - social UK-wide 2020
The Jewish Volunteering Network Towards the salary of a Volunteer Broker who will help rebuild JVN's capacity to place volunteers post-Covid. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - social London 2021
Suffolk Family Carers Towards 'Health Coaching for Carers' £20,000
Over 1 Year
Improved quality of life for carers and for older people East of England 2017
Changing Tunes Ltd Towards researching and developing a music rehabilitation programme for Secure Children’s Homes. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Arts as a tool to achieve social change UK-wide 2020
Groundswell Network Support UK Towards core costs for Health First! as it increases its reach to 10,000 people per year across London, adds support for substance misuse and mental health issues, and pilots alternatives to advoacy. £20,000
Over 2 Years
Other - social London 2015
The Trussell Trust Towards a roll out of a national helpline to enable better access to foodbanks and advice. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - social UK-wide 2020
Ambitious about Autism Towards a one-year extension grant for the salary of the Project Manager, Autism Exchange project. £20,000
Other - social 2021
Future Frontiers Towards extending support over the 2020/21 academic year. £20,000
Over 1 Year
Other - education London 2020