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This a list of recent grants awarded by The Rayne Foundation.

Awarded grants

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The Rayne Foundation is committed to transparency so, in addition to publishing details of our grants on our website, we work with 360Giving to make data about our grant-making freely accessible. Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants since 2014 are available as excel spreadsheet here.

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Applicant Project details Amount Area of Special Interest Geographical area Year awarded
Upswing Aerial Ltd Towards a three-year programme to positively affect the lives of care home staff, care home residents and professional circus artists. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Improved quality of life for carers and for older people UK-wide 2020
Family Rights Group Towards the roll out of a new approach that aims to substantively help build lasting support networks for children in care. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Other - social England 2020
Barnardo's Towards a network of CSE prevention advocates operating in the night-time economy who will know to recognise and respond to CSE with ongoing support from a Specialist Nightwatch Co-ordinator. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Other - social UK-wide 2018
Ormiston Families Towards the delivery of a service that works with women living chaotic lifestyles who have had one or more children removed and placed into care. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Other - social East of England 2018
Impact Arts (Projects) Ltd Towards the Art Therapy Programme in North Ayrshire providing one-to-one art therapy, therapeutic group work and dyadic therapy to children and families affected by adverse childhood experiences £60,000
Over 3 Years
Young People's Improved Mental Health Scotland 2018
Breaking Barriers Towards the salary of a caseworker supporting refugees living in London into meaningful employment, commensurate with their skills and experience. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Other - social London 2019
Refugee Action Towards The Bradford Working English Project. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Other - social Yorkshire & The Humber 2017
British Refugee Council Towards therapeutic support for unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees to improve their emotional wellbeing and help their integration into the UK. £60,000
Over 3 Years
Young People's Improved Mental Health UK-wide 2017
Social Finance Towards the development of two models that will be designed to improve quality of life for older people £59,000
Over 1 Year
Improved quality of life for carers and for older people UK-wide 2018
Articulate Cultural Trust Towards employing a specialist Arts and Mental Well-being Co-ordinator. £58,500
Young People's Improved Mental Health Scotland 2021
Bosence Community Farm Limited Towards a new Team Leader to support young people from Cornwall, in a residential unit, recover from drug and alcohol misuse. £58,000
Over 2 Years
Other - health South West 2016
Body & Soul Towards ‘You Are Not Alone’ - a Graduate Group that will provide ongoing support for young people/adults aged 16-30 who have attempted suicide. £57,000
Over 3 Years
Young People's Improved Mental Health London 2019
Learn English at Home Towards the scaling up and annual evaluation of a programme of ‘bespoke’ English language and social integration support for socially excluded minority ethnic adults. £54,000
Over 3 Years
Other - education London 2020
Family Action Towards trialling expansion of the Post Sexual Abuse (PSA) service in Leicestershire to pre trial support. £51,000
Over 3 Years
Young People's Improved Mental Health East Midlands 2019
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Towards the Scholarship Fund £50,000
Over 5 Years
Other - arts UK-wide 2017
Brighton Dome and Festival Ltd Towards Our Place, a resident-led community programme of year-round arts activity for local people in Brighton & Hove. £50,000
Over 3 Years
Arts as a tool to achieve social change South East 2019
International Health Partners UK Towards Providing Health and Hope in the Refugee Crisis, supporting the most vulnerable displaced people and refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Northern Iraq and Macedonia. £50,000
Over 1 Year
Other - health UK-wide 2015
Royal National Theatre Towards the Max Rayne Design Bursary £50,000
Other - arts UK-wide 2021
Hijinx Theatre Towards Hijinx' Acting for Screen and Television course to improve the work opportunities for learning disabled actors and to address the under-representation of learning disability on our screens £50,000
Over 2 Years
Arts as a tool to achieve social change Wales 2018
Redthread Youth Ltd Towards the Youth Violence Intervention Programme at Homerton University Hospital. £50,000
Over 3 Years
Other - social South West 2018
PAC-UK Towards a Leeds based Education and Wellness Worker supporting adopted children and their families. £50,000
Over 2 Years
Young People's Improved Mental Health UK-wide 2016
Changing Futures North East Towards a Family Support Worker to deliver interventions for families experiencing relationship distress. £50,000
Over 2 Years
Other - social North East 2017
TLC: Talk, Listen, Change Towards a new Motivational and Awareness Group for perpetrators of domestic violence. £50,000
Over 2 Years
Other - social North West 2015
Age Exchange Towards adapting its evaluated Reminiscence Arts (RA) intervention for older people with dementia to support the specific needs of people with young onset dementia. £49,000
Over 3 Years
Arts as a tool to achieve social change UK-wide 2019
University of Oxford, Dept. of Experimental Psychology Towards a national research project that will evaluate the effectiveness of KiVa, an anti-bullying intervention, in primary schools to improve the well-being and mental health of c.7000 children. £48,200
Over 3 Years
Young People's Improved Mental Health South East 2019